Ground-Breaking Developments in the Psychedelic Sector

Ground-Breaking Developments in the Psychedelic Sector
The world’s first Psychedelic ETF has appeared on the horizon, three organizations go public and the Beckley Psytech raises $19 million.  Financial services organization, Horizon’s ETF managements recently submitted documentation to the Ontario Securities Commission for a hallucinogenic ETF, which is predicted to take effect from January 15.  The Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF is set to become the world’s first exchange-traded fund to offer committed exposure to the hallucinogenic sector. The company which is in charge of the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF, is one of 93 different exchange-traded funds and has not yet made an announcement regarding the launch.  Another company, Psilocybin Alpha, recently published a review of the documentation, stating that the exchange-traded fund intends to invest in organizations from the hallucinogenic industry, specifically those who have obtained legal authorization to experiment with the drugs.  The exchange-traded fund is predicted to list under the abbreviation “PSYK” on the Canadian NEO Exchange. The ETF will be passive, after the North American Psychedelic Stock Index from German financial indices provider, Solactive.

$19 Million Raised by Beckley Psytech

Beckley Psytech, the profit-focused branch of the Beckley Foundation, has raised $19 million in order to fund 5-MeO-DMT Research. To be precise, the foundation actually raised £14 million in equity funding, which is the approximate equivalent of $19 million. The UK-based organization is an UN-certified NGO and think tank that has been pioneering hallucinogenic research since the nineties. In 2019 the company, directed by Amanda Feilding (Countess of Wemyss) created a for-profit branch as a means of dealing with the expenses of scientific research. In May 2020, the organization raised £3 million. This time, the latest investors comprise the Noetic Psychedelic Fund LP and the venture fund is fully focused on hallucinogens and Bail Capital.  The proceeds raised will be directed towards a drug development plan for 5-MeO-DMT (a hallucinogenic compound produced naturally by the Sonoran Desert Toad. The compound has similar chemical properties to DMT. According to Business Leader, the organization is preparing to begin clinical trials on the compound.

Three New Hallucinogenic Organizations Go Public

There have been three recent announcements from companies about their going-public dates. This means that there are now more than 20 hallucinogenic organizations that went public in 2020 alone:

Mindset Pharma

This Toronto-based company first listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange on December 23, 2020, under the category MSET. The organization is currently creating a library of intellectual properties on hallucinogenic compounds, intended to focus on chronic neuropsychiatric conditions. The organization has of yet already successfully synthesized approximately 50 compounds and additionally filed 4 patents. The patents protect findings of synthetic processes and new chemical structures developed.

NeonMind Biosciences

This subsidiary of Better Plant Sciences has announced the authorization to list on the CSE on 4 January under the abbreviation “NEON.” Better Plant Sciences (CSE: PLNT) (OTCQB: VEGGF), owns more than 33 million shares (common shares) of NeonMind. The company received approval to commence with clinical trials from Health Canada in November 2020. The study is focused on the usage of psilocybin as a means of curbing food cravings in those suffering from obesity. The organization has additionally launched a range of non-hallucinogenic supplements. 


This mental health company based in Toronto is concerned with providing access to legally-approved hallucinogenic therapies, and goes public on the CSE on January 5, under the abbreviation “NM”. The organization is in the process of developing a triple-tier business strategy through a network of hallucinogen-assisted therapy practices, hallucinogen retreats, and scientific research division, concerned with sharing research infrastructure with organizations both within and without the sector. 

The Golden Round

Psyched Wellness

The company recently announced the launch of pre-clinical trials regarding the legal psychoactive mushroom, Amanita Muscaria. The first part of the research will focus on investigating the shroom’s maximum tolerated dosage. The organization has also announced that they will begin studying Muscimol, (the psychoactive compound for in Amanita Muscaria) in terms of treating psychiatric conditions. 

Core One Labs

The organization has declared the purchase of Canadian-based Vocan Biotechnologies (a genetical engineering and biosynthesis research company.) The purchase was made from an all-stock transaction and Vocan is currently creating a proprietary production method in an effort to biosynthesize psilocybin.

Revive Therapeutics

The company recently announced a letter of intent, designed to transfer all rights to the intellectual property gathered on psilocybin by PharmaTher. This includes all of PharmaTher’s pre-clinical findings surrounding traumatic brain injuries and strokes, as well as patent application on the usage of psilocybin for a number of different conditions. PharmaTher is wholly-owned and a subsidiary of the Newscope Capital Corporation. 

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